Copyright 2009 Legosec International cc All rights reserved. Welcome Legosec International cc was established in 1996 by a group of experienced Security Professionals to provide customized Security Services to the private and public sector. Legosec is owned by Hilgard Meiring, Edwin Meiring and Thomas Meiring, who collectively bring a wealth of Police, Security and VIP Protection experience to the company. The Legosec philosophy is to provide the best possible services to meet the ever-changing requirements of business and organizations, considering global business and developments.  We believe the best possible Security Solution can only be achieved through the intelligent application of Physical Security (Manpower), Technical Measures (Alarms, CCTV etc) and efficient processes (guidelines, rules and policies). Legosec offers a broad range of client specific security solutions, including traditional security and loss control products, and specialized services such as VIP Protection. This portfolio of products and services, briefly detailed later, allows Legosec to provide a complete Security and Risk Management service that integrates security operations, technological systems, surveillance and operational support Introduction Eddy Meiring 33% Tommy Meiring 33% Legosec International Helgard Meiring 33%